Access plan to services in English

As stated in Quebec's Law on Health and Social Services, English speakers who live in this province have the right to receive health and social services in their language, but only ''In keeping with each health organization's structure and human, material and financial resources''.

Quebec City's local health authority (formerly called the Agence) asked its Regional Committee for Access to Health and Social Services in English to study the needs of local English speakers. This led to the creation of an Access Plan for 2012-2015 (in French only).

The access plan required an update following the reform of the health and social services network. Consult the Update to the Acces Plan for 2012-2015. (in French only)

This access program means that some health institutions provide some services in English, but NOT ALL services at ALL times.  It depends on the staff there at any given time and the type of services you need.

In this section, we will outline the specific health and social services that are available in English in the Greater Quebec City region as presented in the Access Plan.