Bank of Interpreters of the Capitale-Nationale

The Bank of Interpreters of the Capitale-Nationale offers interpretation services in the health and social services network.  The request for the services of an interpreter must be come from the organization providing the care or by a person working for that organization.  

The service allows people who have a limited knowledge of French to have access to health services and social services in their own language. It is a complement to other existing resources in both the community and public networks.

Interpretation services are offered in various ways and in many languages. Please open the PDF document for a full list of the languages currently available. 

Guiding principles

  • Access to health services and social services with no discrimination due to language or culture
  • Quality and safe services for all
  • A non-profit service
  • Win-win collaborations and partnerships


  • Ensure that persons who do not speak French have access to health and social services that are adapted to their linguistic and cultural needs, and are delivered in a safe manner within a reasonable time.
  • Improve the efficiency of services by facilitating communication between professionals and clients.
  • Provide interpretation that is accurate and confidential while respecting the values ​​of everyone involved.


  • Interpretation services are provided during regular business hours as well as evenings and weekends.
  • Only requests from organizations are accepted for the services of an interpreter. Requests from individuals are not admissible.  
  • Please note that the services do not include transportation of the client to the place of their appointment.

How to request interpretation services

  • Requests for the services of an interpreter should be made at least three working days ahead of time.
  • The request must be related to a service in the health and social services network.
  • To make a request, download and complete the request form "formulaire de demande de service". If necessary, attach a document with additional information (optional).
  • Send it in a confidential way, either by email: OR by fax: 418 684-2294.
  • You will receive a reply, at the latest, one working day before the date that the service is required.
  • For evening, night and weekend emergency situations, contact your organization's activity coordinator.

The cost

Interpretation services in person: Hourly rate - $ 25 per hour, minimum two hours.

Interpretation services by telephoneBy 15-minute increments at an hourly rate of $25

Note that :

  • The fees are paid in full to the interpreter.
  • Additional charges apply for mileage, parking and public transportation.
  • A 30% management fee will be applied.

Cancellation Policy: If cancelled within less than two full business days before the scheduled appointment, the establishment will be charged and the interpreter will be paid. The fee is charged even if the appointment is cancelled due to an unforeseen event or emergency.

Would you like to offer your services as an interpreter? 

Please email your resumé (curriculum vitae or C.V.) to: or call 418-684-5333, extension 11984.


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