A Word from the President-Director General

For nearly 150 years, the English-speaking community has been actively involved in building a highly-effective establishment at the service of the community and has consolidated its services in terms of health and social services.

The reform of the health and social services network announced by the Minister in the fall of 2014 marked the beginning of significant changes. Interventions by the region’s English-speaking community helped Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s (JHSB) maintain its specific mission in terms of its services for that same population.

JHSB is now grouped with the new Centre intégré universitaire de santé et de services sociaux (CIUSSS) de la Capitale-Nationale and, as such, comes under its governance yet at the same time conserving representation on the latter’s advisory bodies.

JHSB focuses all of its actions on ensuring quality of care and services, delivered to clients in a safe and compassionate manner. It makes constant efforts to maintain the level of excellence for which it received, in 2013, Accreditation Canada’s highest possible distinction for quality: accreditation with exemplary standing. Several projects aimed at improving services and installations, particularly in terms of palliative care and community geriatrics, are already on track and will have significant positive impacts.

JHSB has also undertaken new collaborative and networking initiatives towards the wellbeing of the minority English-speaking population. These will help ensure that JHSB maintains it commitment both as a key player in the health system and as a leader in the development of health and social services for English-speakers.

Finally, we sincerely thank all stakeholders involved in JHSB's success. Their dedication to client needs combined with their creativity help to maintain the service quality for which JHSB is so well known.

For more information about the, please consult Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's Report to the Community. This report outlines many its innovative accomplishments, the commitment of its staff, as well as the vital role it plays in the English-speaking community of the Capitale-Nationale.

Michel Delamarre

President-Director General
CIUSSS de la Capitale-Nationale