Code of Ethics:
Responsibilities of users and caregivers

The person understands and agrees that there are limits to his or her rights based on the rights of other users and health providers. (The following points were mentioned during the consultation with users)

My commitments as a user:

  • I smile.
  • I respect other users and their needs.
  • I respect the staff.
  • I respect the property and premises.
  • I respect the establishment’s rules and procedures.
  • I take a hands-on approach to managing my health and life.
  • I acknowledge my limits and difficulties.
  • I respect the personal hygiene and cleanliness measures.
  • I prepare appropriately before a meeting with a health provider (i.e. symptoms, list of questions).
  • I am on time for appointments and bring all the required documents.
  • I provide accurate, objective information on the state of my health
  • I express my needs and wishes as clearly as possible to the health providers working with me.
  • I listen to the health providers and follow their instructions.
  • I express my dissatisfaction, but also my appreciation of the health providers working with me.
  • I am patient and tolerant.
  • I make reasonable use of the services.
  • I acknowledge that the system has limits when it comes to the services offered and the resources available.