What's New?

Big changes to our phone system!

We would like to let you know that we are changing our phone system at Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid’s to an internet protocol based (IP) system.  Therefore, all of our extension numbers will have five digits (instead of four) from now on, as of the following dates:

  • July 6th at 5:00 p.m. for all extension numbers at Saint Brigid's Home
  • July 8th at 8:00 p.m. for all numbers at the Jeffery Hale Hospital, at Jeffery Hale Community Services, and for Jeffery Hale Community Partners in the Wellness Centre (Pavilion)

As of July 9th, we will have updated our website with our most popular extension numbers.  If you have any questions or spot any errors, please call us at 418-684-JEFF (5333) and dial 0. Our administrative agents at the reception will do their best to put you in touch with the right person at the right extension number.

Annual Reports of Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid’s Users’ Committee and Residents' Committees now available

Please visit the web page of these three committees to read their annual report for 2020-2021. If you would like to become a volunteer member of the JHSB Users' Committee or of the residents committee at the Jeffery Hale or at Saint Brigid's Home, please send an email to cu.jhale-sbh.ciussscn@ssss.gouv.qc.ca or phone and leave a message at 418-684-5333, ext. 11737.

For more updates

Be sure to also visit the website of Jeffery Hale Community Partners (our main partner from the non-profit sector) to learn more about the activities offered at the community Wellness Centre in the Jeffery Hale pavilion.