Jeffery Hale Community Services is dedicated to providing top-quality care to the English-speaking community of the Quebec city region. Our community has a strong tradition of volunteering, and Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's is proof-positive of that fact; we simply could not offer the wide range of services that we do without the help of our caring volunteers.

In return for your volunteer time and dedication, we can offer you:

  • A pleasant and safe environment: Jeffery Hale – Saint Brigid's offers a well-organized, family-like atmosphere.  Our volunteers are covered by CSST for workers' compensation.
  • Proper supervision: If you have questions about your job duties, relations with clients, and so forth, our Volunteer Coordinator is always there to guide you and help make sure that your volunteer experience with us is positive.
  • An invitation to our annual volunteer appreciation event: A special event to say "thank you" to all our volunteers.  It is our way of returning the favour in a small way and a great way for you to meet other members of the community.
  • A letter of reference: We would be happy to provide a letter of reference stating that you volunteer with us.  This can be handy when applying for a job, a bursary, etc.
  • An opportunity to give a gift that lasts: As a Jeffery Hale - Saint Brigid's volunteer, you can meet new people, share your experience and learn from others, and help enrich our clients' quality of life.  It's a chance to be someone special.

Please read on for more details of exactly where we can use your time, talents and skills.

  • Day Centre: So many of our seniors look forward to attending this activity each week.  You can help brighten up their time at the day centre by baking a birthday cake from time to time or by setting tables, serving meals, eating with seniors and cleaning the kitchen up after lunch, thus freeing our professional staff to spend more quality time with our valued clients.
  • Telephone Check In: Many of our older clients live alone and are insecure about their health or safety. These short calls every morning are reassuring - if they do not answer the phone, we send someone to check on them.
  • In-home Stimulation: If you attend CEGEP Champlain - St. Lawrence and would like to gain hands-on experience with the elderly, this is the program for you.  Student volunteers are trained to offer one-on-one a variety of stimulating in-home physical and recreational activities to seniors in need.
  • Vaccination Volunteer: Help greet the public who come in every year for their annual flu shot.


Please call Community Services, at 418 684-5333, ext. 11805, or use our contact us form to set up a meeting.

For information about other volunteer opportunities at JHSB, please visit the volunteering pages of our other sectors: 

Also, be sure to visit the website of the community Wellness Centre in the Jeffery Hale pavilion, managed by Jeffery Hale Community Partners, to learn more about the volunteer opportunities there for seniors and their caregivers, as well as for families with young children and for special needs clients.  They also offer the popular Chit Chat Club, at which English and French-speakers work each month on a variety of interesting tasks while conversing in small groups.