Caring for students' health and well being

Nurses and social workers from Jeffery Hale Community Services provide CLSC-type health and social services within Central Quebec School Board (CQSB) elementary and high schools in the Greater Quebec City region.

Services in CQSB schools

Working on site, our goal is to promote health and counsel CQSB students who have personal or family concerns. Our professionals are there to help:

  • students, both young children and adolescents alike;
  • their parents;
  • teachers;
  • school administrators;
  • other helping professionals who may be in the child’s life.

Services at the Jeffery Hale Hospital

If you are between 12 and 20 years’ old, go to a CQSB school in the Greater Quebec City region, and would like to meet with a doctor, nurse or social worker who understands your specific needs? Learn more about the Youth Clinic at the Jeffery Hale Hospital.

How to reach us

For more information on our School Services, open our School Services pamphlet or contact Community Services reception by phone at 418 684-5333, ext. 11805.