Are you an older adult who lives in your own house or apartment? Homecare services (click to open our brochure) are for seniors who may need some help with the activities of daily living. 

Frozen Meals

To benefit from our Frozen Meal program, you must already be a client of our other programs, such as the Day Centre. Affordable and nutritious, these tasty meals are prepared with care and then vacuumed sealed.

Read our Frozen Meals brochure for more details. View the current menu schedule and the current menus A, B, C and D.  Each menu has two pages, soups and meals.

In-home Stimulation

Helpful and enjoyable activities at home for seniors who rarely go out and who are at risk (have physical or cognitive problems). Also provides caregiver respite. Read the In-home Stimulation brochure for more details.

Nursing Care

Be it at home or here at Jeffery Hale, our nurses will watch over your health and monitor your medications, change bandages, do blood tests, and so on.

Palliative Care

Open the Palliative care brochure to learn about our services provided at home to persons who have a terminal illness and to their loved ones.

Philips Lifeline

Help is always close at hand with a Lifeline personal emergency response button that you wear as a pendant, bracelet or clip; very reassuring for you and your loved ones.  Call Lifeline directly at 1-800-543-3546 and tell them that you want to be part of the Jeffery Hale Community Services program (program number xc348).  You can also download a fax referral form in PDF format to print, fill in, and then send directly to Lifeline.

For more details, please open our Lifeline program brochure (for screen viewing only; not suitable for printing). 

Respite and Convalescence

The goal of respite is to give caregivers a rest by providing their loved one with a safe place stay for a few days. Jeffery Hale's social workers will assess your needs and make the request for a respite stay in a public seniors' residence.

Please book your time well in advance for summer holidays, as the demand for respite beds is high in the summer and places are limited. Read our Respite Care brochure for more details.

The goal of convalescence is to provide you with a safe place to stay that has care and meals as you recover from surgery or an illness. Usually, the social workers of a hospital will make the request for a room in a public facility that offers convalescence services. If, for any reason, you find yourself at home after such a surgery or illness and find that you just can't cope, a Jeffery Hale social worker can make the request for a public convalescence bed.

Service organization

If you need a hand with bathing, meals, cleaning your home, etc., we can help you get these services from the places that provide them (such as CLSC's, homecare co-op's, and private agencies).

Other services in the community

Be sure to visit the website of Jeffery Hale Community Partners (our main partner from the non-profit sector) to learn more about the activities and volunteer services for seniors such as Telephone Check In and Transportation offered at the community Wellness Centre in the Jeffery Hale pavilion.

How to reach us

For our more information on Senior Home Support Services, please call Community Services reception at 418 684-5333, ext. 1580 or use our contact form.