Community Support Services

Jeffery Hale Community Services wants to ensure that seniors get the support they need to maintain good health and stay independent in their own homes as long as possible.

Day Centre

This weekly activity is fun and good for you. We have outlets at the Jeffery Hale and in Valcartier. The Day Centre also takes its show on the road once a month to Portneuf. Among many other benefits, the Day Centre provides you with:

  • A complete meal
  • Adapted transportation by bus or mini-van
  • Living Room program for seniors with special needs
  • Nursing services
  • Occupational Therapy services
  • Special Educator services

Living Room

Part of the Day Centre, this is a day program for older adults with special needs such as severe memory loss or physical disabilities. It is a smaller group than that of the Day Centre, with a maximum of six clients accompanied by staff and/or volunteers. Caregivers can feel confident entrusting their loved one to us for the day.

Telephone Check-in

Our devoted volunteers call you every morning to make sure that you are safe and sound. Unless you ask otherwise, you will get a call seven days a week, 365 days a year. 

Wellness Clinics

Regular meetings with a community health nurse can prevent small problems from becoming big ones and help you carry on leading a productive and active life. The best part about this service is that we bring it to the residents of Stoneham:

  • Flu and pneumonia vaccinations
  • Health promotion and illness prevention activities
  • Individual health monitoring
  • Info-Stop medication record

Other services in the community

Be sure to visit the website of Jeffery Hale Community Partners (our main partner from the non-profit sector) to learn more about the activities and services at the community Wellness Centre for seniors and their caregivers.

How to reach us

For our more information on our Community Support Services for seniors, please call Community Services reception at 418 684-5333, ext. 11805, or use our contact us form.